The pokies game is of so much interest in the gaming industry because of its so much exciting features and easy way. People love to prefer it as it has many simple rules and strategies to be followed. Grabbing so much of bonus points and jackpot amount is like a cup of cake if you have a positive attitude and a winning spirit. The most prominent of such game is the Chocolate Factory which is a popular pokies game and preferred by the most betters. I came to know this game last year when went for an office tour in Sydney. At the free time in the night, when the whole staff gets exhausted with successive meetings, our staff sparked the idea of playing games. Everyone agreed with the idea and multiple options came along.

We first played some video games in which I won maximum times in the PlayStation 5. Later on as the time passes, we moved to the casino trials. Initially some were hesitated for the loss, but my boss gave the example of his previous bet in the Chocolate Factory and convinced few of the team including me. It was a wonderful feel playing it and luckily i won at very first bet. This boosted my confidence and drilled me into several rounds. I gave my favorite Cadbury Chocolate to some colleagues and companions there for my winning and at the evening I hosted a casual meeting in the coffee shop. A proper bankroll management is also of big concern which I seen that most of the punters are lacking. They don’t know how to make a proper balance for the money to be utilized. I suggest you to keep this thing in mind that you have to spend only a specific amount. I learned this to simple and important concept from the experience and so want to suggest to my readers as well.