How you pass your time when you are feeling bored at home, office or if you are a college going student than in the boring lecture in the class. As you know that the classes are the best place to sleep. I am just talking on the lighter note, never do this. Everyone has its own favorite pass time. Some loves listening music, son loves to spend that time on the ground. But for the gadget lover person like me, all time that will be busy time or free time spent on the gadget. So, I love to spend my spare time on my phone searching over the internet. So, one day I am searching for some fun over the internet. I landed on a website naming Roxy Palace. So, I started searching for fun in the long list over the website. A different and interesting name appeared in front of me, I selected that to try this. When I watched the trailer of this, it appeared full of fun and very easy to play.

This is a three reel slot game. It consists of one pay line. The symbols of colorful cocktails are shown on the reel. The rewards are offered according to the combination of colors of the cocktails appeared on the reel. Your winning amount depends on these symbols. If you are not playing the bonus game, then also you can win a hefty amount of money. The rules and regulation of playing this are very simple and easy to understand. You can easily learn the rules by getting overview for the first time. My enthusiasms get me to play this.

They provided me free bonus at the Signup time. I used this bonus to start my play. At the first 2-3 spins I am not able to win any amount. But after this my luck awakens and started winning. After I am out of the free bonus I applied to the paid version of this. I got points after paying some money for it. My love for this increased after every spin because of its simplicity and ease of access. I downloaded the IOS version of this on my iPhone and continued the fun of this every time I got some spare time. But if you are searching for jackpot amount in this then you will feel embarrassed at this point because it doesn’t consist of any progressive bonus. But you will surely enjoy this very much. So, try it for one time and enjoy the fun of this