This post comprises the experience of my visit to Melbourne when I was on my vacation. I was there to my elder brother who sometimes talked about the pokies. I was curious for that to debut myself. When I reached his home he was ready for his office. I was feeling bad because I was all alone in the house till evening.

To get rid out of my loneliness I started using internet and searching about the online pokies games. I was astonished by seeing a large list. Going through, I found Couch Potato the most excited one. As the name suggests, if you are going to start this you will feel as you are in couch. As we know that hard work pays off over the time, but in this you are going to be paid for your laziness. It is a pretty cool and fundamental game, usually operated with 3 reels and 1 pay-line. The visual of this is very funny.

It is much easy for any new user to learn. The interface and feature of this is very attractive and lovely. The background sound of this is much pleased as it gives the feeling of real casino. I was feeling that I was in some other world. Luckily I won in this and made actual amount. Getting money to anyone is always pleasing. As I was excited, then there was jackpot round. I was in dilemma whether to proceed or not. I proceeded, and this time I was feeling myself as a real king with crowns.

After giving an enormous time on this I was in the situation to give advice to an experienced one too. May be it was the winning moment which made me to feel like this. By the way I also searched for any cheat code (guide) but I couldn’t find any.

Everyone should make a try of this if you have free time. Just try and play it for fun rather than any negative thought of making real capital.