Suppose you can play European roulette if possible. Online casinos will usually have European wheels. It’s not always as straightforward in America. They are often limited to higher stakes tables, and the Casinos are less interested in them. So it’s not surprising that American Roulette wheels have double the odds of you losing.

What is the difference?

There is a slight difference in the number distributions across the two wheels, but it does not affect the chances of winning. This is because these distributions have been carefully calculated to ensure no biases in odd, evens reds, blacks, etc. If these numbers were present on a roulette wheel, it would be more likely for the wheel to exhibit a bias due to spins or a dealer pitching for a particular area.

You should be aware of the difference between the American and European Roulette wheels. The American Wheel has an additional ‘0’ slot, which effectively doubles your house edge. Therefore, you should expect to lose 5.26% (the house advantage) on the American Roulette wheel. On a standard European wheel, the odds are 2.7%. However, with other standard rules such as La Partage, this can drop to 1.35%. This is a significant statistical difference.

The bottom line is that if you play on an American Roulette wheel, you have at least twice the chance of losing than if you play on a French or European roulette wheel. Therefore, if you are playing online roulette or at a casino and notice two zeros on your reel, it is best to cash out immediately. Although, incredibly, American roulette wheels exist, they are biased in favor of the house. However, this shows how much thought and planning made these bets.

I’ve had years of great fun playing roulette around the globe (but only on European Roulette wheels!) There are many great online casinos. I recommend reading my short review if you get tired of playing online roulette against computer algorithms or computer-generated wheels.

Heidi & Hannah’s Bier Haus Slot Review

A cordial Bavarian welcome awaits you as this Heidi & Hannah’s Bier Haus slot examination visits a German bar, where the staff wears traditional Lederhosen, and the beer flows freely. It sounds like a great place to spend some time, whereas if you can’t get to an authentic German bar, you can play the Heidi & Hannah’s Bier Haus slot machine instead.

With six reels of Oktoberfest-themed steps and buckets of extra features, Heidi & Hannah’s Bier Haus online slot offers you plenty of excuses to celebrate. There are several appeals to drink in when you rotate the reels of the Heidi & Hannah’s Bier Haus slot machine. These include stacked wilds, drifting wilds, and a bonus revolution that can lead to exciting jackpot payouts.

Ready to observe alongside this lively gang? You can try the Heidi and Hannah’s Bier Haus slots fun for free here, then for real cash prizes at one of our top casino sites.

Meet the Girls

The game title may chime familiar, as it’s a sequel to Bier Haus, a game launched in 2015, and Heidi’s Bier Haus slot, which came out in 2017. They say three’s a gathering, but our Heidi & Hannah’s Bier Haus slot reviewers are better than happy to visit the third installment in this series.

The Oktoberfest piece has been done before, but rarely with this much style and color. Blonde Heidi and brunette Hannah are attractive barmaids who stand to either flank of the six revolutions in the sunny garden of their tavern. You’ll discover flowers, a well-kept lawn, and a picnic table loaded with beer glasses among the attractions awaiting their customers.

Look above this scene, and you resolve to see four non-progressive jackpot prizes, each connected to a symbol. Read on to realize how to claim one of these prizes.

Once the Heidi & Hannah’s Bier Haus online slot reels start to spin, this cheerful sound is replaced, perhaps predictably, by an Oompah band. Between rotations, you hear the chatter of happy drinkers. We would instead attend to the murmur of the consumers, but the repetitive sound of trombones fits in with the German carnival theme, so we can’t whine.

The purple reels of the Heidi & Hannah’s Bier Haus slots competition look like a set of outdoor beer pumps topped off with taps. Colorful symbols stand out against the background, constructing them easy to see even on the remote screen of an iOS, Windows, or Android transportable device. The Heidi & Hannah’s Bier Haus slot apparatus is just as suitable on desktop PCs and Macs.

The whole sequence comes from WMS or Williams Interactive. Although the company concentrates on the US market, you can recreate WMS slots in the UK, Australia, Canada, Spain, and other territories.